Feedbacks from clients

My role was a product / UX designer at "HedgeWiz".

I was working with the CEO and developers in all phases of the product delivery lifecycle  - research, brainstorming, wireframe and prototyping and product design.  


Infographics - everline
"Yael is the one that you want to have as part of your team. She is highly professional designer with much experience and passion about UX and small details."

Epistema wanted to redesign their brand in a more serious, corporate and high end design.

The project covered the company's branding, including print work such as brochure, rollup and a marketing presentation.

Infographics - everline
"When you need any kind of design work - Yael is the kind of person you’d go to. I have worked with Yael, and found her extremely professional - the kind of person who will not rest until her designs are perfect, and her customer gets 100% satisfied with the work she has done. She creative, she’s a hard worker, she’s thorough, and she sees all the small details as well as the big picture. I am sure I will reach out to Yael in the future.. "

WordPress website for the OECD.

I've reached Yael after receiving very good recommendations. our goal was to design a new website for the Israeli delegation to the OECD and we began with a few ideas and Yael was there to listen, suggest novel designs throughout the entire process. We had 2 formal meetings and Yael managed to grasp our vision instantly and shared her ideas and best practices. Yael was always available to our needs and last minutes requests. the success of our website is a fine example of Yael's expertise and knowledge. I highly recommend Yael for your new website.
 A logo for "Yplan".
The company wanted the logo to show the victory of the person who achieved his goals through the process that he went through. The inspiration of the logo design is taken from a pose of a winning person. 
The design emphasizes values of dynamism and winning. 
Yplan - branding
"I'm very happy to recommend Yael who created the logo for my business. Yael has a wide business perspective, a great understanding of marketing and strategy, and an amazing ability to translate it all to a creative graphic language. Yael is very customer oriented, she understands customer needs, she is working very quick and efficient and always available to the customer. Yael is very creative, and is full of amazing designs and visual ideas. I was happy to work with Yael and I would love to work with her again in the future."
Galit Bags

A logo for "Galit Bags".

The logo combines a bag element with a clean typography in order to be a new and youthful brand.

Galit bags logo
"Working with Yael for my business was a real pleasure. She is an excellent designer with a great taste. After we had our first conversation I felt she can really sense and understand my needs and she was so accurate with her answers and solutions that I was amazed. She is a great listener and her consultation was always the right thing. I'm so pleased with the result. I'm sure we will work again!"
Web site of Of-Anash
"Yael is a very skilled and talented designer.

I've been working with her on several projects and she has delivered excellent work each time.

She has vast knowledge in UX&UI and helped me define and change the design and characterization of projects."

A website for "Of Anash" - a supermarket  meat based.

I was involved throughout the whole design process – research, brainstorming, design creation and working with developers to achieve the best outcome.